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Fundraising LIVE: Facebook’s Impact on Donating Digitally

By June 22, 2017July 14th, 2017No Comments

Digital strategy is an essential component of every nonprofit’s strategy today. During our strategic planning processes and when planning major fundraising campaigns, we provide best practices for organizations to improve their digital outreach and better engage their donors and supporters.

Facebook is a key channel for engaging stakeholders. Are you leveraging it fully?

We sat in on GuideStar’s recent webinar to learn more about Facebook’s charitable giving tools, which can help nonprofits better engage with patrons and limit the barriers to entry for new donors. Facebook currently offers five tools for encouraging donations: advertisements, page header buttons, page posts, fundraisers, and its newest feature, Facebook Live.

According to GuideStar, there are more than 2.4M nonprofit pages on Facebook, and 450,000 unique users connected. 48M people view videos on Facebook daily, and Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than other kinds of uploaded video.

Facebook Live was introduced in 2016, and Facebook recently announced the expansion of this and its other charitable giving tools. This means you can now add “donate” buttons to your organization’s Facebook live videos, capturing donors in real time (and thereafter).

Facebook has also created channels for others, including individuals and organizations with verified Facebook pages, to solicit donations for you. This means those people, business, celebrities, Board members, and artists you’ve been cultivating can now add a “donate” button to their Facebook Live videos and fundraise on your behalf. Recently, Trace Adkins raised $3,210 in 20 minutes during his livestreamed chat with the Executive Director of Wounded Warriors, and Ariana Grande raised $450,000 in three hours during this month’s One Love Manchester benefit concert.

Implementing Facebook’s low-cost, low-maintenance fundraising tools in conjunction with your regular advertising and engagement can increase your global reach and tap into smaller, spontaneous, geographically-distant donors. And you may be surprised at who is giving online: Dunham + Company’s recent study found that 67% of donors aged 40-59 were giving digitally in 2015, more than any other age group.

As gifts come in, acknowledgements are automatically sent and the donor’s name, gift amount, profile picture, and email address (if they opt in) are shared with your organization. Using this data, you can easily remarket to these donors, ultimately increasing your brand awareness, event attendance, and dollars raised.

Facebook charges 5% for this service, and the funds are deposited every two weeks (assuming you raise at least $100 during that period). Meanwhile, the donors you’ll attract, the data you’ll collect, and the growing network you’ll find yourself engaging with are so important—especially if you’re considering the future of the field and the trends towards collective, digital innovation.

Ok, now you’re thinking, “Wow! I’ll give it a try. How do I do this?” It’s simple: sign up your organization’s nonprofit Facebook page here and, once approved, let the fun…draising begin.

By Wade Jennings, Project Associate