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Global Arts Blogs You Should Know About

By March 28, 2017No Comments

Want to stay up-to-speed on arts and culture globally? At DUNCH, we read these 15 blogs across three continents for international culture headlines as they happen.

AMERICANS FOR THE ARTS: Smart minds from across the United States blog here on arts education, the business of culture, arts leadership, and more. A4TA also hosts the National Arts Project Marketing Blog, focused on practical and inexpensive strategies for marketing the arts on a shoestring. (@Americans4Arts

ARTFCITY: This youthful, edgy, and highly political New York City contemporary arts blog will make you think and laugh at the same time. Review its GIF of the Day with your first cup of coffee, and take an afternoon brain break with opinionated commentators who aren’t afraid to take on the Establishment. (@artfcity‏,

ARTPLACE: This blog profiles important creative placemaking projects that are strengthening rural and regional communities around America though arts, creativity, and social action. Border walls, Islamophobia, and immigrants are all considered, and the blog’s thoughtful writing reflects ArtPlace America’s inclusive world view. (@ArtPlaceAmerica

ARTS HUB: This site offers cultural news from the Commonwealth countries, with daily British and Australian editions. Lively writing, snarky commentary, and insightful news reporting offer an instant daily snapshot of culture Down Under and Across The Pond. [Subscription required.] (@ArtsHub

ARTS JOURNAL: The American mothership of cultural news aggregation was founded by Doug McLennan in 1999 and is our team’s first click every morning. The site combines daily breaking news from around the globe with musings from more than 60 highly opinionated and entertaining culture bloggers. (@ArtsJournalNews

CLYDE FITCH REPORT: New York’s edgy culture blog at the intersection of arts and politics has picked up steam, attitude, readership, and more than 25 regular commentators since the election of Donald Trump and recent threats to de-fund the N.E.A. (@TheCFReport

CREATEQUITY: This brainy blog is a clearinghouse for global arts policy research and a great resource for fully substantiated funding arguments about the value of the cultural sector. For a great end-of-year summary, see The Top 10 Arts Policy Stories of 2016. (@createquity

CREATIVE CAPITAL: Creative Capital gives money, ideas, and training to adventurous American artists. Its blog focuses on the practical needs of these artist-citizen-entrepreneurs and contains smart, practical, actionable advice, including Tips & Tools and Podcasts. (@creativecap

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES UK: The United Kingdom’s clearinghouse for political advocacy around the creative economy turns cultural case-making into an art with its superior infographics, research, and news. Soon after the Brexit vote, the smarties at this organization delivered an extraordinary piece of collective action: 100 UK Creative Industries Wins in 100 Days. Where is the U.S. equivalent? (@CreativeIndsUK ‏)

FRACTURED ATLAS: Adam Huttler’s organization was founded in 1998 and now supports the business needs of more than 65,000 artists globally. All the writing here is useful, but we especially like the video series Stellar Staff: Attracting and Retaining Great People Who Move Organizations Forward, where U.S. arts leaders share the pain and lessons learned on management hires gone wrong—thus saving the rest of us from making all the same mistakes! (@FracturedAtlas

FORD FOUNDATION EQUALS CHANGE BLOG: The Ford Foundation’s Arts, Culture and Media program staff are some of the smartest folks in the business, and their blog offers compelling food for thought.  Ford Foundation President Darren Walker’s 2017 Nancy Hank Lecture on Arts and Public Policy at Washington’s Kennedy Center is essential reading. (@FordFoundation@darrenwalker

NESTA UK: Nesta is a London-based innovation foundation whose brilliant explorations in arts and culture include its Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, its Manifesto for the Creative Economy, and our personal firm favorite, Creativity vs. Robots. Always thought-provoking, and refreshingly un-American. (@nesta_uk

NONPROFIT WITH BALLS: Vu Le, executive director of a small nonprofit in Seattle, should have a second career as a stand-up comic and circus performer. He blogs with wit, humor, and hilarity about nonprofit management—where his life is spent juggling so many flying objects: sometimes balls, sometimes knives. (@Nonprofitwballs

PRODUCER’S PERSPECTIVE: Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Ken Davenport writes about the business and economics of commercial theater producing. His 100+ podcasts with industry veterans are a great resource, and he has culled the strongest Broadway business books in his recommended reads. (@kendavenport

THE PUDDING: Polygraph, the brainiacs behind this blog, are a New York City incubator for visually driven storytelling. Everything here is thought-provoking and demonstrates exactly how Big Data can be put to creative use. Our in-house favorites include An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton and How Music Taste Evolved. We’re thinking hard about how the broader cultural sector can deploy creative visualization as effectively as these folks do. (@puddingviz@polygraphing

Get Involved! Crowdsourced Arts Blogs Around the Globe

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By Emma Dunch, President