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Using Digital Channels to Drive Donor Engagement

By February 22, 2016March 9th, 2017No Comments

DUNCH founder Emma Dunch traveled to her home town of Sydney, Australia as a key note speaker on “The Art of Fundraising” at the Culture Business Sydney 2016 Conference.

She spoke on “Utilizing User-Generated and Online Content to Drive Donor Engagement,” using digital fundraising appeals from New York’s Public Theater, Dance/NYC, Jazz at Lincoln Center and New York Theatre Workshop, among others.

“In the digital age—dominated by shares, likes and viral video—effective digital storytelling that communicates our impact is one of the most important ways we can drive engagement and dollars,” she said. “As arts organizations, we’re just one piece of a highly networked society where consumer attention is the new currency we trade in. It’s time to actively foster that consumer attention, and facilitate our audiences talking about, sharing, loving, and even criticizing us.”

She reviewed Google’s Mission 501(c)(3): Driving Donations, Digitally report and suggested four essential digital fundraising priorities for every cultural organization:

  1. Every cultural organization needs a robust fundraising portal on its website.
  2. Every cultural organization needs online fundraising videos that are discoverable in digital channels, including on its website and YouTube.  
  3. Every cultural organizations needs Google search results that are optimized to show not only the “Buy Tickets” link, but also the “Support Us” page.
  4. Every cultural organization should ensure that donation opportunities are seamlessly integrated across every online purchase transaction, and absolutely in conjunction with any programming that is offered free.  

Learn more and watch the key note address here: